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Covenants and By-laws

The purchase of property in Prairie View Estates automatically makes each lot owner a PVE Home Owner Association member. As such we are obligated to honor the association's covenants, conditions and restrictions. These covenants give us a framework for sustaining an attractive neighborhood in which property values and quality of life are protected from unsightly, unsafe, or un-neighborly offenses.

Every PVE HOA member shares equal responsibility for adherence to and enforcement of these covenants.


Covenants link.

By-laws link.

Violations include:

  • Building new structures without board review and approval

  • Improper street parking of vehicles

  • Removal of living trees greater than 8" in diameter without board approval

  • On-site, long-term storage of campers and boats

  • Neglect of unsightly piles of brush and tree limbs

  • Inadequate leashing of dogs

  • Publicly visible storage of trash bins

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